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How Social Bin Helps You in Getting Followers / Subcribers & For Growing Your Blog

We bloggers expect continuous high quality engagement on our blog and we work day and night for that purpose, but very few of us could succeed.

When we create any new blogpost, we go on sharing the post on different social media and wait for people to come to our blog and read the post. But if you alone are sharing your own post, how long it will reach? And if the same post is shared by 50 other people, imagine what will be its reach!

So, whether we can assign the job of sharing our blogpost at no cost?

YES. it is possible with our Social Bin

Here, if you need your facebook post be shared by 50 different bloggers, create that campaign and assign 50 Bin Points to it. Our Binners will do that job for you.

If you need your tweet be retweeted by 100 other bloggers, create that campaign and assign 100 Bin Points to it. Our Binners will do that job too.

Why other Blogger will do the job for me? is network of bloggers, here everyone needs exposure to their own blog and for that purpose they need Bin Points. So, by doing a job for you, they will receive Bin Points. (i.e. 1.00 Bin Point, if their account type is Regular, and 1.50 Bin Points if account type is Influencer.)

What type of activities can I do from this Social Bin?

At present we have included following activities where you can create a your campaign-

  • Facebook Page Like
  • Facebook Post Share
  • Facebook Post Like
  • Facebook Join Group
  • Pinterest Profile Follow
  • Pinterest Pinboard Follow
  • Instagram Follow
  • Twitter Profile Follow
  • Twitter - Retweet My tweet
  • Youtube Channel Subscribe
  • Linkedin Connect
  • Stumbleupon Follow
  • Tumblr Blog Follow
  • Follow My Blog
  • If you need anything be added in this list, please let us know, we will include that too.

    Now main question-

    How is keeping fraudsters away?

    Some may have fear in their mind that one can follow me just for 1.00 Bin Point and then he will un-follow or will reverse any activity already done by him.

    No, this will not happen, because such fraudsters will be penalized by you only. At, you have time period of 30 days to review a status of any activity completed by other Binner. And if, within these 30 days, you found any one has un-followed you or has reversed any activity done for you, you may reject his claim of activity completion and penalize him with 2.00 Bin points.

    So, last and most important words…

    Our referral program is applicable for social Bin also. So whenever a member referred by you creates a campaign and assigns Bin Points to his campaigns or whenever he top-ups his existing campaign, you will get 10% referral Bin Points if your account type is Regular and 30% referral Bin Points if your account type is Influencer.

    As the pre-launch offer will end on 15th May, 2018 refer your friends to join before 15th May to get them benefited with the upgraded account type i.e. Influencer.