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Shortner Bin - Concept & How It Is Helping Bloggers to Improve Blog Metrics

Shortner Bin - A Concept

The principle of is "Help other bloggers to grow your own blog". Based on the same principle, we have introduced our Shortner Bin service. In simple terms, this Shortner Bin provides URL shortner service to it's registered bloggers and binners. But, unlike other URL shortners, apart from Link shortner service, it also provides following features -

  • Shorten your long URLs :
    Do you want to hide your referral links or want to shorten your unusually long URLs, before sharing it on Social Media? Take help of Shortner Bin, it will help you.

  • Earn Bin Points for Shortening URLs :
    You must be shortening your links and sharing it on facebook, twitter or through your emails. But, when anyone visits, your those shortened URLs, what are you getting from those clicks to your shortened URLs? Now, with the Shortner Bin, every unique click or visit to your shortened URL, will give you 0.10 Bin Points!.

  • Get Referrals by Shortening URLs :
    All shortened URLs opens in iframe. This iframe has logo and this logo, on your all shortened URLs, is embedded with your referral link. So, in addition to assured Bin Points, your shortned URLs will also give you opportunity to collect more referrals at no extra efforts.

  • Advertise on Shortened URLs :
    Our binners are shortening their URLs and sharing it on multiple social media networks. So, isn't it a great opportunity to advertise your recent blogpost links on their Shortened URLS?

    This Shortener Bin provides you the facility to advertise your text-links on other's shortened URLs. All the shortened URLs open in iframe and on this iframe you may advertise your text-links, that too at very low rate of 2.50 Bin Points per day.

  • Earn Bin Points from Referrals' Advertising :
    Whenever your referral creates any advert for Shortened URLs, depending on your account type, you will get upto 30% referral Bin point commission.

  • Transfer these collected Bin Points to your main balance and reuse these accumulated Bin Points for the growth of your blogs.

    So, what are you willing to do with this Shortner Bin?