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As per our Database cleanup Policy, at regular intervals, we delete -

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  • inactive Social Network Activity Links, (i.e. which do not have any balance and which never run on which are older than 30 days,
  • all inactive shortened links i.e. the shortened links which do not send any traffic for consecutive 60 days,
  • all unused shortened links i.e. the shortened link which has not earned any Bin Point within first 15 days of its creation,
  • Un-read notifications from your inbox after 7 days,
  • Read notifications from your inbox within 1 day
  • Though this data is deleted, the aggregated stats impacting your profile will have not any impact, except reconciliation in some exceptional cases.

    In addition to above, you may also delete your account information at any time by logging into your account. You may delete any of the comment thread on your link, or delete your entire link and all the associated associated with that link. But even after deletion of any data either by you or by, we may retain certain information related to the deleted data for the purposes of law or for legitimate business purposes or for displaying correct statistics on this website.

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