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How Helping Bloggers to Improve Blog Traffic, Blog Engagement and Blog Monetization

Blogging Success... A Big Question?

Every blogger (struggling Blogger!) , while blogging, takes utmost care about the selection of subject, content, SEO, designing, graphics, etc. For creating a single blogpost, he use to invest 4-5 days of efforts. He works day and night on the social networking sites for promoting his blogpost links. Some bloggers prefers the paid advertising option for blog promotion. Some bloggers follows some of the 'so-called successful bloggers' to understand the secret of successful blogging. But even after all these efforts, he fails to attract loyal readers to his blog.

Even after multiple attempts and efforts, 'Blog Traffic', 'Blog Engagement', 'Blog Monetization', 'Low Bounce Rate', etc. is a fairy-tale for small to average bloggers. If all these efforts are not bringing the blogging success, then in frustration, some may landed up in throwing all their work and the blogging hobby in to the Bin.

What is

To avoid such situations and to achieve success in Blogging, - World's No. 1 Blog Traffic Bin For Bloggers, is here to help you. If you are a blogger, blogging occasionally or regularly, and worried about your Blog promotion, then is the right place for you., a self-service and free social networking portal for Bloggers, developed with an objective to bring "small-to-medium struggling bloggers" across the world on a single platform to help each other to improve the Blogs, blogging style, Blog traffic, Engagement, Monetization and Bounce rate of your blogs.

How Works? uses the concept of Blog commenting as an effective tool to improve your Blog and Blog statistics.

Other Bloggers or Binners participates in the discussion on your blogpost links and gives them Bin Points (credit points) for their participation. ensures that your blogpost is visited and read by them before commenting and joining the discussion.

Depending on the account type (Regular or Influencer) or Blogpost type (Regular or Promoted or Inviter's post), will give 1.00, 1.50 or 2.00 Bin Points to these bloggers for their genuine participation in your blogpost discussions. These accumulated Bin Points can be re-used by them to share their own Blogpost links. To keep away the spammers and non-genuine persons, we charge 10 Bin Points for dumping (sharing) your blogpost links.

Why is #1 Bin?

To make the Blog Commenting activity more interesting and effective, provide additional tools like-

  • inviting active bloggers for discussion (from a specific country) - i.e. it's a facility to invite traffic from a desired country,
  • incentives to invitees for reading your blog and commenting on your blogposts,
  • promoting blogposts for additional Bin Points,
  • incentives for reading and commenting on promoted Blogposts,
  • saving/bookmarking good blogposts (to get an self-improvement insights),
  • referral program for referring other bloggers,
  • purchasing of Bin Points, etc.
  • All these features ensures assured Blog traffic and Blog Engagement!

    Last and important word from team? is not just a tool or a place to collect Bin Points and drive traffic. is an attempt to help small-to-medium sized struggling bloggers by introducing their blog to the world of other Bloggers. While delivering blog traffic,'s objective is helping in following 3 ways-

  • It is bringing struggling bloggers on a single platform. (So, please help everyone to improve collectively.)
  • It is giving you an opportunity to know and understand how other blogs are performing or making mistakes. (Isn't it a good idea to learn from other's mistakes)
  • While reading other's blogs, helps you to learn the improvement possibilities in your blog, blogging style and blog monetization.
  • All the Binners and Bloggers are requested to use more effectively to learn from others and improve your own blog, blogging style and capabilities. You need not follow for blog monetization, it will surely follow you with your improvements. Yes, while on, you need to keep an eye on how other bloggers are skillfully monetizing their blogs and try to acquire that skill!