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How to receive maximum Invitations?

The only way to receive maximum invitation is to have a rich Profile page. Some of the key factors, which adds richness to your Profile page are -

  • Your account types - Influencer, a symbol of most active Binner, is usually preferred as compared to Regular Binner.
  • Your last login date - If you have not logged-in since last 8-10 days, then there are less chances that you will be invited by anybody. (Because validity of invitation is only 15 days).
  • How many bloggers blocked you - If you are blocked by many bloggers, then there is risk in inviting you.
  • Your total number of comments - More the number, more are the chances of receiving invitations.
  • Your ratio of regular comment to invited comments - Higher ratio is in your favor and it will attract more invitators.
  • Your rejected comments and penalty levied - This will adversely impact your profile. Be genuine while commenting to avoid this. Do not comment without reading a blogpost.
  • Genuineness in your profile - Your own photo along with some lines introducing yourself, will surely add some richness and genuinity in your profile

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