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What are benefits of receiving invitation and where to look for received invitations?

Every Binner needs more exposure and high quality engagement and traffic to his blog. So, he spends 1.00 Bin Point to invite selected Binners to visit his blogposts. The invitation option gives him additional assured and targeted blog traffic.

Similarly every Binner needs more Bin points to re-use it at later date for his blog. If you have received any invitation from a blogger, then as compared to regular blogposts, you will receive more Bin Points for reading and commenting on the blogposts of Inviter. Thus, in case of invitation, both the Inviter as well as Invitee are at receiving end.

How much Bin Points you can collect, by commenting on the blogposts of an Inviter, depends on your account type. The table below will give you an idea about Bin Point earnings-

Your Account Type / Post Type☕ Regular Post✸ Invited Post
Binner Type : Regular1.00 Bin Points1.50 Bin Points
Binner Type : Influencer1.50 Bin Points2.00 Bin Points

If any blogpost has sign, it shows that it is a blogpost of your inviter and you are yet to collect Bin Points from that blogpost. Also note that any invitation is valid only for 15 days, so you need to collect additional Bin Points within this validity period of 15 days.

To see who has invited you hover your cursor over the Resources tab and under the dropdown click on the Invitation Received link to know who have invited you and the expiry of this invitation. Whereas, to see your Inviter's blogposts, hover your cursor over the World Bin tab.

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