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How to select proper Binner for sending invitation?

Inviting Binners is very useful tool to boost your traffic. But, as the invitations are valid for limited period of time, if your selection of Binner goes wrong, you may miss the benefits of this option. So, selection of proper Binner is very important aspect in Invitations.

In order to select proper Binner or before inviting any Binner, we recommend to go through the Profile of that Binner and study following basic parameters to form your opinion about the Binner.

The basic parameters are

  • Account types - Binner with account type "Influencer" may be preferred as it is a symbol of most active Binner. This account type can be obtained with proven activities. Read Here
  • Last Active on date - If anyone not logged-in since last 8-10 days, then there is no point in speculating that he will visit all of your blogposts before the validity of invitation i.e. within next 15 days.
  • Binner blocked by many - If a Binner is blocked by many bloggers, then there is risk in inviting him. Because ideally other Binners will block any Binner, only if he is not doing genuine activities on and such Binners are prone to be removed from network very soon.
  • His total number of comments - More the number, more are the chances of getting good ROI from that Binner.
  • Ratio of regular comment to invited comments - Same as above, i.e. higher the ratio, better are the chances of getting good ROI from that Binner.
  • His rejected comments and penalty levied - This is one of most important parameter. Other Binners rejects comments and levies penalties, when they feel the comments are non-genuine or spammy. So, if rejection count or percentage is very high, it is better to avoid such Binners. But, if the percentage is negligible (i.e. less than 5%), then you may take a chance by inviting him. Everyone should be given chance to improve!
  • Genuineness in profile - You can guess the genuinity of a Binner from his profile photo as well as description provided by him about himself. Though this is not so important parameter, it may be beneficial in certain cases.

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