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What is Invite Binner option and how it works?

Do you require some targeted and assured web traffic within a very short time span that too at very low cost? If your answer is Yes, then the Invite Binner Option is there to help you, "Invite Binner" option allows you to send special invitation to the selected Binners. The invited Binner has time period of 15 days to visit one or all of your links and to provide their genuine comments. For completing this activity they get comparatively more Bin Points.

As the Invitees receive more Bin Points for commenting, they give first preference to visit and comment on inviter's posts. Due to this fact, this option is a source of assured traffic to all of your links. So, if you have posted 10 or more, then it is worth to exercise this option to multiply your blog traffic.

With this option, by invitating the Binners from a particular country, you may receive country specific targeted traffic at very low or minimal cost.

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