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Can I display comments received to my links on my blog?

Yes, you may display it. We have made available a simple embedded code to publish all comments received by you on your blog. Apart from publishing the discussion on your blog, this code has one additional advantage. We have included your referral link in this code. So, any new visitor coming to from your blog, through any link in this code, if gets registered on, will become your referred Binner. This code will help you get new referrals without much extra efforts.

To get this simple embedded code follow the steps below

  • If not already logged in, please Login to your account.
  • If you are logged in, hover your cursor over the My Bin tab.
  • In the dropdown, click on the My Blog Code link to access the code for all of your blogs.
  • Simply copy the code and paste it on your blog to publish comments received by your links and to get referrals at no extra efforts.

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