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I have commented but why my account is not credited with Bin Points?

Yes, you may come across such situation. Its reason lies in the "Rules to participate the discussion". Basic reason for framing these rules is to improve Blog Traffic, Blog engagement, Blog Monetization and Bounce Rate of the Blogs. The rules are-

  • First read the blogpost COMPLETELY and then only comment, otherwise your account will not be credited with Bin Points.
  • Read COMPLETE blogpost. If algorithm detects that you have commented without reading the post, your account will not be credited.
  • Do not open multiple blogposts at a time (in multiple windows), it may disturb algorithm; please go one-by-one to avoid loss of your genuine credits.
  • Here you are credited for joining the discussion by creating new thread. Replying to existing thread will not be credited.
  • If a link has (✋) sign, then it shows that you are already in the discussion by creating a comment thread and you are credited for that link. You will not be credited for subsequent comments on that blogpost link, if you have already received credits for that blogpost. Such comments which received credits are shown with sign (⛳).
  • Non-genuine and Spam comments are liable to be rejected at the discretion of Blogger / Binner. If the comment, which was credited, is rejected by Blogger / Binner, a penalty of 2.00 Bin Points will be levied, so it is better to be genuine while commenting.
  • You are allowed to create new threads and comment on your own links, but it is obvious that you will not be credited for that. is marking your links with sign (⛄).

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