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How to comment on a blogpost link?

In order to comment on a blogpost and to get credited from your first blog comment thread, you need to (a) be logged-in, (b) read the blogpost completly and (c) provide your comment on the blogpost.

Reading a blogpost and commenting :

  • If you are not yet logged-in, Login to your account and hover your cursor on the World Bin tab from the top Menu Bar. Here under the dropdwon, you will see two links (i) Latest Posts and (ii) Top Read Posts
  • These two pages page will display different Blogpost links shared by Binners across the world.
  • Search for and Click on the Blogpost title for which you have never been credited. (Read FAQ on How to know, whether I have been credited from a link?)
  • A new page for the blogpost will open. Here, on this page you have total 4 options/links to visit the blogpost page on the blog and read it. The 4 options are -
  • (i) Title of the Blogpost,
    (ii) Read This link at the beginning of blog description,
    (iii) Read More link at the end of blog description,
    (iv) the button ⊙ as shown in image below
  • Click on any one of the above 4 options to visit the blogpost page from the blog. This will open in embedded window, which also contain comment box at the bottom of the page.
  • Once you visit this embedded window, read the complete blogpost and provide your comment (in 50 to 300 words) in the comment box.
  • Also note that, when you visit the embedded window, at backend, system starts counting your reading time. For every blogpost, we have set certain minimum reading time (which we never disclose). If we receive your comment after that time, then your blog comment will be credited with 1, 1.5 or 2 Bin Points (as applicable, depending on your account type and the post type. For more details Click Here).
  • If you have actually read the blogpost completely, there is no need to worry about this "Reading Time".
  • Before creating any comment, we recommend to refer our FAQ on Rules for participation in Blog Comment discussion.

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