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Why to share a link on

Simple answer is to get consistent traffic in your blog and monetize your blog. Let me elaborate this answer -

All our Binners need more and more Bin Points (to know why, read this). If you share your Blogpost link, our Binners, in order to collect Bin Points, will visit your link, read the blogpost and share their comments on your links.

Before crediting a Bin Point to any Binner, system ensures that your blogpost is visited for certain period of time and commented. You also have liberty to review the comments of Binners and penalize a Binner with 2 Bin Points for their any non-genuine comment. In this way, ensures Blog Traffic, Engagement as well as Bounce rate. gives a wide exposure to your shared Blogpost in different parts of the world, as is a platform for the bloggers across the world.

If any Binner feels that the contents of your blog are unique, informative and useful, he may like and save your blogpost in his account and may revisit it frequently in future. This ensures continuous flow of loyal and regular readers to your blog. Now, it is time to Monetize your blog more tactfully using your own special techniques.

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