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How detects a post is read or not?

Before crediting a Bin Point to any Binner, system ensures that your blogpost is visited for certain specific period of time before commenting. For this purpose we use a complex logic. Let's try to understand it.

While sharing your link, we ask you minimum time required for reading your post, let's say that time be "x" minutes.

Initially, whenever your Blogpost link is visited, randomly select a time (let's say "y") which is greater than 1 minute but less than "x" minutes.

For every visit to your link (excluding your own visits), system records the total visit time and ensures that the visit time to your link is grater than "y". If if it is less than "y", the Binner is not credited for his comment thread.

As we go on gathering the visit time data for your link, we go on refining the value of "y" and after collection of enough data, we fix the value of "y" (minimum time to read complete Blogpost) for a link to credit the Binner.

Is it full proof?

We know that it is not. We are recording only visit time and never confirming whether your blogpost is read or not.

As you are the best judge to confirm whether your post is read or not, we have given you liberty and rights to verify the genuineness from the comments received and reject the non-genuine comments to penalize the Binner with 2 Bin Points

Thus, with your help, we ensures that your blogpost is visited and read completely.

The logic provided above is only simplified version of implemented logic and it is provided here only for the purpose of understanding. We are using some additional complex parameters, which are not described above and we are in the continuous process of refining these parameters.
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