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Can I edit any link which is already posted?

Once a link is shared/dumped, you cannot edit its URL or title. You can edit (i) Link Title, (ii) Link Description and (iii) Image for the link.

In case fails to fetch the Link title or description and or image for any link, then you are requested to provide it by following the steps mentioned below -

  • Login to your account.
  • If you are logged in, hover your cursor over My Bin tab on the top Menu Bar. Click the My Blogposts link, from the dropdown. This will show all of your links shared by you.
  • Search for the link, you want to update Link Title or Description or Image. Click on that link.
  • A new page, showing statistics as well as comment received for the link will appear.
  • Search for text links Edit Title or Update Description or Change Image or Upload Image to update the Link Title, Description or Image as required.

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