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Why my account is disabled?

Your account may get disabled in any of the following conditions-

  • You are inactive continuously for more than 6 months. OR
  • We have detected any spam activity from your account. OR
  • If considerable number of Binners are preferring to block you. OR
  • If your links do not follow general link posting guidelines. Refer here . OR
  • Your links are continuously reported by other Binners for removal. OR
  • Your comments or Social activity completion claims are continuously penalized by other Binners. OR
  • If we detect that you are intentionally reporting valid or genuine links of other Binners for removal. OR
  • If we detect that you are intentionally blocking genuine Binners.
  • In any of the case, your account may get disabled and in such scenario, you will loose all your stats including any available balance of Bin Points or Cash available in your account. Genuine and Active Binners need not to worry about disabling their account, as we take almost all care while disabling any of our Binner!

    Once any account is disabled, it cannot be enabled in future.

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