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Whether Bin Points can be Purchased?

Yes, Bin Points can be purchased. Only condition is, any individual order of Bin Point purchase should be for more than 50 Bin Points.

You may receive upto 50% discount on your bulk Bin Point purchase orders. Our simple calculator will support you to take a wise purchase decision.

The discounted rates for Bin point purchase are as -

Sr. No.Bin Points To Be PurchaseRate Per Bin PointYour Savings
1Less than 51Not allowed -
251 to 150USD $0.08 0.0%
3151 to 300USD $0.07 12.5%
4301 to 450USD $0.06 25.0%
5451 to 600USD $0.05 37.5%
6More than 600USD $0.04 50.0%

Once you make any purchase and our system receives payment completion message, the purchased Bin points get credited in to your account instantly .

For payment gateway and other details read our FAQ on Payment & Cashout

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