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Can I earn cash with

The primary aim of is to increase your blog traffic and not of making cash from But, in order to give an incentive to active Binners and Bloggers, who are helping you to grow your blog, we have decided to distribute's revenue among Binners and Bloggers. Now, your monthly Bin Points earning will determine your monthly cash earnings.

On experimental basis, we at has decided to distribute 30% of's earnings (from the sale of Bin points, advertisement space, and other sources) among the active Binners and Bloggers. This distribution will be monthly, depending on your own Bin Points earning during the month. We hope that this experiment will help to incentivize active Binners and Bloggers.

Following Bin Point earning will be considered for calculation of cash distribution-

A)    Bin Points earned in world Bin
B)    Bin Points earned in Social Bin
C)    Bin Points earned for daily log-in
D)    Referral Bin Points earned for spending by referral either in World Bin or Social Bin

Note- The Bin Points earned or spend or referral Bin Points in relation to Shortner Bin will not be considered for this purpose.

Calculation of monthly cash distribution :

30% of the amount of’s previous month’s revenue will be divided by the total number of Bin Points (A, B, C and D above) earned by all Binners during the previous month. This will give "Cash Value of a Bin Point" for the previous month.

Such derived "Cash Value of a Bin Point" will be multiplied to your individual Bin Point Earning (A, B, C, and D above) during the previous month to calculate your "Total Cash Earing" in the previous month. Thus, more you earn Bin Points and more you have referrals, more cash you will make every month.

During the first week of every month, through this newsletter, everybody will be notified to claim their cash. You can claim this cash just by logging into your account. Yes, this cash will not automatically be added to your account. You have to log into your account to claim it.

This change is effective from 1st December 2018.
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