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What is, a self-service and free social networking portal for Bloggers, developed with an objective to bring like-minded small-to-medium Bloggers across the world on a single platform to help each other to improve the Blogs, blogging style, Blog traffic, Engagement, Monetization and Bounce rate of your blogs.

If you are a blogger, blogging occasionally or regularly, and need a consistent traffic from free Blog promotion, then is the right place for you.

World Bin of uses the concept of Blog commenting as an effective tool to improve your Blog and Blog statistics. ensures that your Blogpost is visited and read by other Binners (our members) before commenting and joining the discussion on your blogpost.

Social Bin of also helps you create Social campaigns of your choice to get blog followers, get followers / subscribers / shares / likes / retweets on major social media networks. This helps you to build strong social profile.

Shortner Bin of is a URL shortner service, wherein you can shorten your long URLs to earn Bin Points as well as you can more effectively promote your blogpost links through this URL shortner at very minimal rate i.e. 2.50 Bin Points per day.

Binners or bloggers collect Credit Points (Bin Points) from their genuine participation in World Bin or Social Bin or Shortner Bin. The accumulated Bin Points can be re-used for the growth of Blog.

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