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Need to grow your blog?
Need to grow your blog?
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It's a free social networking portal, bringing bloggers across the world together to help each other for improving their Blog metrics. is the platform designed for your successful blogging career.

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Blog Traffic
Need High Quality Consistent Blog Traffic & Engagement?


Social Media
Need Followers / Subscribers on Social Networks?


Monetize Blog
Need Help of Active Bloggers to Monetize Your Blog?


How it works?

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Blog Comments

Read and comment on others' blogposts to collect 1 to 2 Bin Points.

Help Others

Complete others' Social Campaigns to collect 1 to 1.50 Bin Points from them.

Shorten URLs

Now shorten your long URLs to collect easy Bin Points and get more referrals.

Referral Program

Refer other bloggers to get Bin Points as well as cash commission up to 30%.

Post Blogposts

Share your blogpost at just 10 Bin Point and start receiving the traffic.

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Create campaigns to get followers, subscribers, likes & shares on social media.


Advertise on Shortened URLs @ 2.50 Bin Points per day and get more traffic.

Monitor Stats

Track your activities, detailed stats and growth of your blog with

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What is World Bin?

World Bin uses the concept of Blog Commenting as an effective tool for improving your blog statistics.

Just share your blogpost link for 10 Bin Points. We will ensure that your post is visited & read completely by interested bloggers and binners. They will in-turn get 1-2 Bin Points.

World Bin ensures blog traffic, engagement as well as lower bounce rate.

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Blogpost share
We are waiting to comment on your links

Share your blogposts and bloggers across the world will discuss it.

Invite Bloggers
Send Invitations to the most active bloggers

Need visitors or country specific blog traffic? Invite active bloggers.

What is Social Bin?

Imagine other 50-100 bloggers are sharing or retweeting your blogpost on different social media and you are getting continuous flow of traffic from their activity...

Yes, it is possible in our Social Bin.

If you need followers, subscribers, likes, shares & retweets on major social networks to build your social profile or brand, our bloggers will help you through Social Bin.

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Social Media
Let us know what you require on Social Networks?

Simply create Social campaigns to post your requirements and set your targets.

Help others
Need Bin Points for making some social help?

Help others to achieve targets & get return gift of 1 to 1.5 Bin Points.

What is Shortner Bin?

Do you need something more from your shortened URLs?

Shortner Bin provides URL shortner service and unlike other URL shortners, it provides opportunity to earn Bin Points, advertising on the shortened URLs and option to get more referals.

It's easiest way to earn Bin Points, get more traffic and more referrals.

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Blog Traffic
Need option for collecting more easy Bin Points?

Now get 0.10 Bin Point per unique visitor to your shortened URLs.

Social Media
Need cheapest option to make your blog viral?

Advertise your links on others' shortened URLs @ 2.50 Bin Points/Day.